The Best Metal Gutters For A Queens Home

There are many types of gutters available. In addition to this each type of gutter will have varying pros and cons. If durability is what you are looking for you may want to try using metal gutters. Since time immemorial, metal has been a very desirable building material due to its versatility and durability. This is also true for metal gutters. When it comes to metal gutters, the most common type is usually made from aluminum. However, you could also opt for zinc, copper, or steel gutters. Where I live on Long Island, gutters made out of metal are very popular. If you are unsure which type to choose, then you should consult with a gutters specialist. I personally recommend a GAF Master Elite certified roofer, as they will always provide you with the best warranties that are backed by GAF


Aluminum is a popular choice for gutters due to a number of reasons. First of all, it has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. While not as strong as steel, aluminum is lighter which makes very desirable as a raw material for making gutters. In addition to this, aluminum is very resistant to corrosion and it does not rust. This is especially important since organic debris trapped in gutters can cause steel gutters to rust and corrode. Aluminum gutters are available in different gauges. For Long Island residents, gauge .032 is recommended. While this is thicker than most types of aluminum gutters, it can handle heavy snowfall with ease.


Galvanized steel is the most common material in terms of steel gutters. For DIY enthusiasts however, steel should be avoided. For a material as heavy as this, it is best to seek the help of a gutters contractor. This is a very strong material but corrosion and rust may be a problem. In my hometown of Long Island as well as other rainy areas, you may want to avoid such gutters. After Hurricane Sandy battered most of my Long Island neighborhoods I cannot help to be scared of gutters that may be prone to corrode or rust. In cases like this, you may need to coat them with anti- rust paint. Just like aluminum gutters, steel gutters also come in different gauges.


Copper gutters are very long lasting. In fact, they can last for more than a lifetime if they are given proper maintenance. However, copper gutters are rarely seen these days due to the fact that they are very expensive. If you are restoring a classic home however, you may want to opt for copper gutters.

While there are numerous choices available in terms of metal gutters, it is best to have then installed by a reputable and licensed gutters contractor. This way, you can be doubly sure that the job is done right. You may be please to find out that professionally installed gutters can also last a lot longer.


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