Roofing 101: How To Deal With Ice Damming

Home Improvement nightmares can be avoided with proper maintenance.. Serious issues like ice damming can ruin the exterior of a home if you roofing system is up to par. Homeowners can save a lot on post-winter repairs from the damming that could have nonetheless be prevented. The following are expert tips on how to address ice dams on your own to avoid further roofing and gutter issues:

  • Act fast even during heavy snow – The thing about ice dams is that they accumulate very quickly. Your gutter will accumulate a few inches of snow in a matter of hours if you will not be able to act on it fast. The quickest thing you can do is to use a rake to scrape off the snow. Try to take at least 4 feet of ice from the edge of your roof and be ready for it again by the time ice accumulates again. Never use ice picks and hammers as these could potentially further damage your roof and gutters and may only cause more extensive roof repair. Remember that materials can get brittle when frozen. Tough exterior roofing contractors sometimes work in freezing temperatures and I feel like telling the homeowner to fire them on the spot as roofing becomes brittle and is bad to work with at those temperatures.
  • Use Calcium chloride to melt ice – Forget the old tale about salt in a pantyhose. The quickest way you can melt ice formation on your roof with salt is to put it directly in the snow. Calcium chloride, or salt, lowers the freezing point of water; hence, it will delay the freezing of water on your roof so you can drain it down instead. Remember though to be careful putting this on top of the roof. Remember that snowy days and ladders are not always a good combination. Always put safety first!
  • Know when to call professional ice dam removers – While it is our responsibility to address roof repair issues as quickly as we can on our own, we should also know when to call the experts as responsible homeowners. Sometimes, ice dams can get so thick they become hazardous to remove on our own. When your and your family’s safety get put to risk, it is better to just call experts on roof repair to do the job for you. Repairing roofs during winter is hazardous; know when to call the experts as they know how to do this safely. Always prioritize you and your family’s safety. Besides, you would not want a damaged roof and an injury at the same time.

Roofing issues, much like any structural issues in the house are often prevented through regular maintenance. Never underestimate the little repairs and remedies you can do with your own hands as these can usually prevent more serious roofing issues from happening. If all this is too confusing for you it may be time to call a roofing or home exterior expert right away. Nothing is more important than the covering of your home. It is the only thing that protects you from mother nature.

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