Whether it be installing, repairing, or rebuilding your roofing, gutters, siding or fences we are here to guide you through the process from start to finish, our expertize on Home Improvement projects can't go wrong. Our extensive gamma of services and options will make your home be the towns envy, its time for a change , get a fast and free estimate and start your project today!

We take home  to another level, we have been on the business for over 30 years,

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  • Proven Reliability , Our reputation among our customers and Quality assurance processes takes us apart from other contractors.
  • Cost Effectiveness, We assure you our prices beats industry standards without sacrificing the quality of work and milestone of the project.
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  • Lawful Compliance, We are Certified and totally insured under the Massachusetts state laws, there is no way you could ever lose with us.


Roofing Replacement and Repair

Thinking about improving your roof?, Our roofing services offers you the best value on the industry, our highly trained and experienced team will repair, rebuild and install your new roofing system , wide variety of materials and insulated roofing system to help you save a pile of money on insulation, decorative roof designs to stand out and improve your home value and look, feel free to contact us, don't just imagine it, make it happen and call now to learn why having your roof made with us would save you a substantial amount of time and money!

Long Lasting Roofing System

A good choice of a roof is very essential, it protects the structure of your home or building from the effect of whether besides add value to your home and curb appeal . There is a wide variety to select from, for different structures, here at South Shore Roofing we help you choose the right one for you our group of experts will make sure of a proper installation.



Rain Gutters

Rain Gutters

At New Age Global Builders we can save your home from the destruction that water brings by adding or replacing rain gutters on your home. We can install gutters that will never been seen, or gutters with a splash of color to add to the decor of your home. From simple rain gutters to gutters that are leaf and animal resistant. South Shore Roofing has everything you need. Call now and get your free estimate, we are waiting at your request to provide you with any information you may need.

Saving Starts Here

Get low maintenance gutters for your home , ever lasting gutters with protective coating that prevents leafs and animals from getting inside it and blocking the flow of water, you would be surprise at the amount of money you would be saving a year at the same time it extends your roof life time by decreasing the amount of water exposure on the roof, you won't be disappointed at the results this investment would bring to you.



Home Siding

Vinyl and stone siding

Give your home a smooth and new skin! We utilize an extensive variety of siding materials from natural limestone stucco,synthetic, acrylic and vinyl with the three layer insulation properties, We can build textures and colorful mixtures to get that special look you've always dream of.

We take care of your home skin!

Siding protects the outside of our homes, it is important to choose carefully the kind of material , insulating system and texture of your home siding, our group of specialist will help you on the selection of your new siding and we will make sure you are pleased with the results.

We have an extensive selection of sidings products from insulated vinyl to fiber, cement, stones, natural wood, maintenance free and long lasting products. Call now we get the job done on time; let’s get to work!



Vinyl & Wood fences

Wood and Vinyl Fences

Interested in fencing your home or maybe just the back yard?, besides complementing your home or defining your property a fence helps to provide privacy and safeness , we install fences in a variety of materials and styles adding elegance to your home, either wood or vinyl we help you choose the right material to fit your home look and feel, low maintenance and durability. Call now we’ll make sure you get the look you want.

Guaranteed Durability!

Its not only a matter of privacy, but also a matter of enhancement, it wont take long until we find the perfect fence for your home, you can have it installed in no time and at really affordable prices, our professionals will help you chose the material and design of your new fence, our fence installation has a guarantee durability, coated with protective materials to avoid weather corrosion with time, all it takes is a phone call, to receive an estimate , no commitments!.